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CT Radiographic Guides

A CT radiographic guide serves as a template to attain the esthetics and function of the final prosthetic and Eurodent Lab can provide a variety of CT radiographic guides depending on the planning requirements of the software system to be used. These guides are necessary to properly treatment plan and execute treatment for implant cases.

Based on the 3D view of the patient's anatomy and the scanning appliance, software is used to assist the entire team in making the appropriate treatment plan. The Radiographic guide is used to simulate the teeth, the soft tissue surface and edentulous space during the CT scan. The correct design of the radiographic guide is a pre-requisite for successful treatment since the final outcome of rehabilitation is determined by the Radiographic guide.

We have extensive experience in this area. Our laboratory has created thousands of scan appliances for all the popular CT planning software.

We are full service. Whether the ultimate restoration is a single crown, a bar supported overdenture or all ceramic bridges, our talented team of technicians will create the diagnostic work up needed to determine final tooth position. Once accepted, we fabricate the appropriate radiographic guide to translate the prosthetic position to the planning software. Once these two steps are complete, accurate determination of implant position is possible.

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