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EMZ 360 Crown/Bridges

Eurodent Lab introduces the new "EMZ 360"

Eurodent's EMZ crowns are the most cost effective way to create high strength dental restorations for those patients that are budget restricted when making cosmetic restoration decisions.

EMZ 360 is a solid zirconia restoration. This products exhibit incredible flexural strength and life-like esthetics, and are available in regular, high value and low value options.

With the high flexural strength of our EMZ 360 crowns, this restoration is also an ideal low cost solution for your bruxism patients. EMZ restorations are a cost effective alternative to metal occlusal PFM and full-cast metal restorations.

EMZ Advantages

  • A low cost alternative to traditional full-cast or metal occlusal alloy restorations and is ideal for bruxers & grinders who have destroyed other restorations
  • Conventional cementation using non-expanding resin modified glass ionomer
  • Virtually unbreakable and chip-proof
  • Fabricated using CAD/CAM technology for consistent fit and marginal integrity
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