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Full Cast Post

A post and core is a dental restoration used to sufficiently build-up tooth structure for future restoration with a crown when there is not enough tooth structure to properly retain the crown, due to loss of tooth structure to either decay or fracture. Post and cores are therefore referred to as foundation restorations.

In cases where the post space is not a good match for a prefabricated post, a cast post and core can be custom fabricated for the tooth in the laboratory. Single-unit cast posts can then be fabricated out of gold, titanium or other metals.

When a metal post can't be concealed, a custom post made of Zirconia can be made. The benefit of this product is that its tooth colored and leaves less of a shadow under the final restoration.

There are many types of post designed available for cast post and cores, utilizing various combinations of the following properties:

  • parallel vs. tapered
  • smooth-sided vs. serrated vs. threaded
  • post only vs. with additional single-circle ring
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