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Surgical Placement Stents

Eurodent Lab can fabricate model-based surgical placement stents based on diagnostic wax-ups.The clear acrylic stents can be fabricated with or without metal guide cylinders. A variety of designs can be made to satisfy your surgical preferences.

The surgical stent is recommended to aid the surgeon in proper implant placement. Surgical stents with teeth forms with their cemento-enamel junctions defined by the template are recommended as a positional guide for implant placement so ideal mesio-distal, bucco-lingual and long axis orientation of the implant(s) can be determined. These stents are important for the best emergence profile and proper axial directed loading forces. The surgical stent (template) is also used to determine the need for grafting for better implant placement.

Our lab will fabricate the surgical stent to assist the surgical and the restorative dentist as well as providing suggestions to the dental team in eliciting a positive outcome on your cases.

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