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Computer Image Info Sheet

Computer Imaging is the ultimate communications tool that will assist you in selling cosmetic dental services to your clients. This tool creates the "visual suggestion that will create the want” for your patients. You can now show your patients that their smile can be a work of art and increase the amount of cosmetic dentistry your practice will work in, at the same time.

This computer imaging tool allows you and your patient to visually see the options available to creating a smile makeover from: detail, translucency, height of contour, shape, highlights and color, all of these elements contribute to help us give you realistic, achievable, lecture quality cosmetic dental imaging.

How does it work?

  1. We start with full face and profile photos of the patient (slides or digitally transmitted photos are also acceptable).
  2. Patient's and Doctor's expectations.
  3. Pre-op full arch impressions and bites.
  4. We then proceed with computer imaging of the desired final result for your patient's review and approval. You may preview the image via e-mail before we print full-color 8 ½ x 11 die sublimation.
  5. Once we have an approved look from the patient, we duplicate your pre-op models and provide you with a prep guide diagnostic wax-up matching the computer generated image.
  6. We then make a clear polyvinyl matrix of the wax-up to be used for fabricating your provisional, chair-side.
  7. Once teeth have been prepared, impressed, provisionals cemented, and adjustments made, we request an impression of provisionals in the mouth, and a photo.
  8. We then make a labial and incisal matrix of provisionals for fabrication of the final restoration.

The above mentioned steps are very important in the exact placement of colors, transparencies, and effects, to be used in our ceramic or ceramic-optimized polymers.

With proper planning and the utilization of these techniques, we have found we can eliminate any surprises. We are duplicating a proven look, already accepted by the patient, and any adjustments necessary will be very minor, resulting in happy patients…..the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is smile computer imaging and how does it fit in with today's dentistry?

As you know, the trend in dentistry is towards patients getting more and more cosmetic dentistry done. Due to changes in the health care climate, a greater and greater percentage of the dentist's profit now comes from cosmetic dentistry. Of course, cosmetic dentistry must be marketed and sold. The patient must want the work to be done.

Computer Imaging is a powerful communications and marketing tool than can visually show the benefits of any cosmetic or restorative dentistry you are offering or recommending. Computer Imaging is an digital enhancement of a patient that helps the doctor to communicate more effectively. Our simple service can help to substantially increase your cosmetic case acceptance and patient communications.

Q:How does it work?

Simply take a picture of a patient who's a candidate for any cosmetic or restorative dentistry, then send us a full face shot of the patient with instructions as to which cosmetic or restorative procedure you are recommending. We will digitally image the photo and send you back a 8 1/2 x 11 full color glossy photograph showing the patient a side by side"pre-op" shot and the computer imaged "after" simulation. The patient can visualize the treatment plan, on their own face, before the work is performed.

Q:How long does it take?

We turn around all our enhancements in 2 days from the time we get the pictures. In some cases, utilizing our digital camera system and the internet, you can send us a shot of your patient and we can computer image it and send it back to your computer in less than an hour.

Q:What kind of pictures can I send you?

35mm prints, slides, negatives, poloroids, or a digital files (Hi-res jpegs only please!). Send us 2 full face shots (from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin) of your patient with instructions as to which procedure you are recommending. You can call us toll free at (800) 334-0403 and we will fax you a lab form. Close up shots of the anterior smile are ok as well.

Q:What kind of "shot" do you need?

Take three full face shots of your patient form the top of the head to the bottom of the chin. Ask your patient to give you a great big smile and to say "easy". If we are imaging the lower arch, we need about a 1/4 inch between the incisal edge. We will take care of the rest from there. Please focus on the teeth.

We can image close up smile shots as well but we prefer full face shots. That way your patient can visualize the changes on his/her own face. We have found that this sells dentistry better than a close up anterior shot, especially ones with cheek retractors.

Q:What if the dentist can't reproduce your imaging?

  1. We will not image anything that is not do-able.
  2. The doctor is not supposed to exactly reproduce the imaged shot.

This is only a simulation and is not designed to replace a wax-up or your valuable professional advice. On all the prints we send back to you, there is a general disclaimer that says "computer simulation, actual results may vary". We would never expect or tell a doctor to tell his patient that "this is what you will look like”, but what you could say is "Mrs. Jones, I think that the centrals we can do should be a little bit longer and a couple of shades lighter, but what do you think?". This is the best way to use Computer Imaging.

Our objective when we computer enhance a patient is to come as close as possible as to the final effect of the post-operative treatment. The imaging must be achievable, believable and realistic. Again good communications are crucial. We must have good, detailed instructions and the communications must be clear.

Q:What will Computer Imaging do for my patients?

They can see the "possibilities" before the work has been done. It creates the "want". It will help to get your patients more informed and involved. It will sell the dentistry. Your patient will love the fact that you can show them the possibilities, before the work has been done.

Q:How much does it cost?

The price for the computer enhancements are $80 per case and our imaging is 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied we will redo at no charge to you.

Q:What if I want to email you all the pictures?

Please send hi-res jpgs only. For us to output to our proofing printers, we need a file with sufficient pixels for us to image and rip, the smallest for email being around 2 megs. Please, zip multiple shots. If you need further assistance in this area, please call (800) 334-0403.

Q:Why is our Computer Imaging service better than those dental imaging software systems I've seen advertised?

Our Computer Imaging service lets you take advantage of dental imaging without having to buy any expensive equipment, complicated software or take time away from chair side.

Since there are many elements to look at when a person’s smile is being enhanced: height of contour, ideal proportions, placement of highlights, translucency from the gingival to the incisal, are they square, soft, round, flat, feminine, masculine, etc., we scrutinize all the elements that are needed to make our enhancements more lifelike than most doctors would if they were doing it themselves. This service is much more elaborate than a simple computer mock up or using most advertised dental imaging software.

Q:Tell me what your clients use Computer Imaging for? You mentioned cosmetic/elective dentistry?

Most commonly dentists use Computer Imaging to sell porcelain laminate veneers, crown and bridge, inlays and onlay's, bleaching, and bonded composites to replace old blackened amalgams. Orthodontics and implants can also be imaged. Computer Imaging helps sell cosmetic dental options that a patient wants, dentistry which in some sense, helps a patient achieve a nicer smile, have more confidence in their life and feel better about themselves.

It also helps a patient decide on the value of dentistry, so they can make their own decision. They may prefer porcelain laminate veneers, and Computer Imaging lets them make that decision. They may want an onlay or inlay instead of an amalgam, and computer Imaging helps them make that decision, too.

Q:Do I have to use or buy some "digital terminals or special equipment" to use your service.

No you do not.

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