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About NuCalm

NuCalm is a new dental procedure that alleviates the stress and anxiety that many face during a visit to their dentist. An overwhelming 82% of dental patients experience some level of anxiety when faced with dental procedures and due to this anxiety, over 60M Americans avoid the dentist entirely.

NuCalm provides a relaxing and rejuvenating dental appointment experience without a single adverse reaction. The solution works by counteracting the adrenaline response people face when a fearful situation is at hand - NuCalm begins the relaxation response instead.

Simply stated through a 3 step process in the dental chair, NuCalm entrains the brain wave function to engage in the first stage of sleep – the patient is completely functional, and can respond to stimuli, but is very very relaxed. This state is achieved through an all natural solution that has absolutely no sedative side effects and is not harmful in any way to the human body. Quite simply, NuCalm is a easy to use, easy to follow, highly effective way to experience your dental appointments in a whole new non anxious way.

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