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Remake & Warranty Policy

Through open communication with our doctors ,the use of our highly skilled technicians and with stringent quality control measures in place, we maintain one of the lowest remake rates in the industry.

That being said, we realize that remakes happen and we will evaluate each remake on a case per case basis. All remakes are at Eurodent’s discretion.

Eurodent Remake Policy Exceptions

The following is the guide we use when assessing remake charges:

  1. No charge to the dentist - 100% charge to Eurodent
    • If we failed to follow the Rx or in some other way failed to complete the fixed restoration appliance as it should have been done
    • If the restoration that you ordered from us does not fit
    • Eurodent will incur the full cost of replacement of broken or damaged shipments from us
    • If the restoration has short or open margins
    • If the porcelain delaminates or chips
    • If the restoration breaks before 1 year from the date it was fabricated
    • If the shade does not match the shade requested and the restoration cannot be repaired
    • If the material or porcelain discolors or becomes porous before 1 year from the date it was fabricated
  2. 50% charge to the dentist - 50% charge to Eurodent
    • If the fixed restoration appliance fits the model work but does not fit in the mouth and we find it is due to an inaccurate impression
    • If the Doctor changes the shade and we cannot repair it
    • If the Doctor changes the design and we cannot repair it
    • If the restoration is broken upon insertion
  3. 100% charge to the dentist - 0% charge to Eurodent
    • If the fixed restoration appliance was made to the dentist's specific instructions and impressions and it did not meet the dentist and the pt's needs
    • If we show the dentist one or more flaws or other conditions in an impression that will very likely cause problems with the case and the dentist tells us to continue with the fabrication of the restoration or removable prostheses and ultimately it needs to be remade
    • If the Doctor changes the product or if the Doctor repreps i.e. changing a veneer to a crown
    • Cases done on a “no guarantee” basis
    • Doctor miss-trimmed the die
    • Special patient’s requests that were not part of the original instructions
    • Case was manufactured to the original bite registration that was provided by the dentist. Bite registration was wrong and dentist requested to add porcelain. It is possible to comply with such request; however overbuilding porcelain on poorly supported substructure will cancel any warranty on such product

If you have any questions or require clarification on any aspects of our remake policy or warranty, contact us by going to our "Contact Us" page.

Hold cases

Any case placed on hold for more than 30 days will be charged based on the amount of work completed at that  time.

Cancelled cases

Any case stopped mid-production will be charged based on the amount of work completed at the time the call to stop the case was received.

Rejected cases

The cost of crown, bridge restorations can not be refunded (i.e. a refund check). If a case is for rejection rather than remake, we will issue a 50% credit to the dentist's account balance when the case in question qualifies according to the policy listed herein and is received within 30 days from the invoice date. The restoration must be returned with the original impression and model work.

Eurodent Warranty

We guarantee our work to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship. All dental restorations will be constructed using the appropriate materials and the best practices of any well run dental laboratory and will adhere to the written specifications provided with each work order.

Our warranty policy is intended to be as fair as possible for the dentist, the patient, and for us. If the restoration failed as a result of trauma or abuse by the pt and the dentist is charging the pt for the new restoration, then we would want the dentist to tell us that so that we can also charge for the lab-work.

All restoration meet ADA guidelines

Fixed Restorations

Restoration type Restoration configuration Warranty coverage Warranty length
All PFMs / PFGs - all alloys single units, and all bridges Porcelain failure - not due to impact ____years
Empress, Empress Esthetic single units, laminates, inlays & onlays (we do not produce Empress bridges) Core or porcelain failure - not due to impact ____years
emax, emax LT single units and all bridges, laminates / veneers Core or porcelain failure - not due to impact ____years
Zirconia cores single units and all bridges Core or porcelain failure - not due to impact ____years

Any crown or bridge restoration that meets the qualifications for remake and experiences a defect in materials or workmanship within a period of _____years will be remade at no cost.  

Warranty Exceptions

Due to the temporary or delicate nature, the following products are not covered under warranty:

If you have any questions or would like clarification on any aspects of our policy, contact us - all contact info is on our "Contact Us" page.

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