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Smile Makeover Info: What to expect

Pre Makeover

Once you and your dentist have established your interest in treatment, your dentist will speak to you about what you would like to gain from the treatment he/she will be collecting your “wish list” and discussing your expectations and whether they are realistic for your mouth, and budget you have to spend.

Your dentist will want to take full xrays, study models, bite registrations, and photos in order to study your case in depth and the lab technician who will be working on your case will be consulted at this point for their technical opinion. 

The dentist will take his clinical “wish list” combined with your desires and concerns and create a treatment plan that satisfies your needs both clinically and esthetically. At this point you can expect to have a treatment plan consultation with your dentist and or treatment coordinator to explain what they feel is necessary to complete your new restorations.

The dentist may use tools such as computer imaging or diagnostic wax ups to give you an idea of what your new restorations will look like. This is your chance to be open about any concerns you may still have such as your comfort level during the treatment.

Once you have both agreed on the proposed treatment you will speak to the doctor’s financial coordinator to arrange payment and appointments for the work to be started and completed.

Case In Process

At your preparation appointment the dentist will want to make sure you are in an overall comfortable place.

They will treat your pain with anesthetic or various other methods that will be discussed during your consultation/treatment plan appointment. The dentist will be preparing according to the treatment plan you discussed using various high-tech tools. The dentist will have a dental assistant with them to help with the surgery.

Once your teeth have been prepared the dentist will take an impression as well as a bite registration.
The dentist will then create custom temporaries these temporaries will most likely become the “blue print” to your final restorations.

Once the temporaries have been cemented into your mouth, your treatment appointment is done.

Post Surgery

Often, dentists ask the patient to evaluate their temporary restorations over the week or two following the preparation treatment phase. The dentist will want to know how you feel about the length, the thickness, the shape, the midline position, the occlusion and your speech. If anything is bothering you or feels uncomfortable or incorrect, this is the time at which all discrepancies should be addressed and noted.

If corrections need to be made, the dentist will ask you to come back for another appointment prior to seating the restorations to discuss the later; he or she will then communicate this information with the dental laboratory that is fabricating your restorations. The dentist may take photographs to send to the laboratory so that they can see how your new temporaries relate to your face.

The dentist will give you specific instructions on maintaining hygiene and comfort while in you are wearing your temporaries. When the laboratory has finalized your restorations you will return for your “seat” appointment phase.

The dentist will check your restorations and do everything in his technical power to make sure those restorations fit properly and meet both of your criteria. If everything is in order your restorations will be placed permanently and your treatment finalized.

Your dentist will discuss what to expect as it relates to temporary soreness following the placement of your restorations.

1st Year & After

Coming soon.

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